You’re enough.

“I wish I could be like her. She’s so perfect . So flawless.” She said while staring at the sky. He kept gazing at her in awe. Still surprised as to how she wanted to be someone so ordinary.
His eyes ran across her face. The moonlight illuminated her soft and freckled cheeks. They weren’t as soft as the model’s in the commercials but still beautiful to look at. His eyes then met her nose. She hated her nose. But he, well, he loved her nose. The little scar in the middle from the time she fell down from her bicycle, was his favorite. Her face was a perfect oval. Her eyes as deep as the ocean. He could swim lengths and not get tired. Oh, her eyes were deeper than the Pacific. He found it difficult to believe that she wanted to become ordinary when she defined extraordinary. Every time he looked at her lips, he smiled. They felt like home. “Everyone loves her. She’s so likable. Uhh I wish i was like her.” She said looking at him. For once he smiled at her sorrow. He smiled at how stupid his love was to think she was anything less than perfect. “Why do you wanna be like her ? She’s so pretty but you’re so fascinating . She’s just another girl with a perfect reel life. But you,my darling are an epitome of beauty. You’re the kind of love lovers pray for. You’re the summer that is enjoyed by the beach. You’re the rain to my dried heart. You’re like the moon above, imperfect but flawless. Most importantly you’re the soul to my lifeless body. She’s like the pretty flowers , so common. But you , my love are the sunset. There’s nothing so serene as your company. Fall for yourself you adorable person, she’s just another pretty illusion.”


13 thoughts on “You’re enough.

  1. Its sooo amazing

    P.S. A few words cant explain how beautiful this is and how talented you are…… Someone once told me ” where words fail, emojiis speak” so….. Here it goes Rashim,

    ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

    One more thing,
    Allow me to quote, well, you're an epitome of beauty šŸ˜€ *blushes*

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