It breaks me to remember our conversations. It makes my stomach tighten to re-read our late night texts. After all of this, my heart aches to know it meant nothing to you. It makes me sick to the core to know that I was just another rag doll to your collection. I was just another sentence in your paragraph. I never asked for extravagant vows , all I needed was your truth. I bared my soul to you , showed you my darkest demons. I never could fathom you would scream my insecurities from a roof top. As I see you laughing at “our” spot, I can’t help but wonder what went wrong. Was I so easy to forget? Was I just another chapter to your story ? Were we just headed to an end ? Did you not feel my love ? Did you shut your eyes to this thing we had ? It occurs to me a thousand times, was I so easy to replace? Was I so easy to be cheated on ? It’s fine, I know you gave your explanation. I know you said it was best if we parted ways. That you would always mean well for me. Well, I don’t see how leaving me for her is good for me ?
Everytime you called me your haven, are you sure you didn’t take me as your vacation spot. Once a year ?Everytime you texted me heartfelt messages, are you sure you didn’t send them to your “sometimes” ? Sir, I stand here and applaud you for the stage you set. For your superb acting skills, for being a master puppeteer. I guess I was no longer as beautiful as the moon. Its fine. I can rant for hours about how I cry in the shower. How badly I wanna call you and hear your voice. How hard is it for me to walk into the classroom and not look at you . How hard it’s for me to pretend it hasn’t left me hollow. The tissues, uhhh I ranΒ out of them. I am pretty sure now I am just another joke amongst your friends. Well, like they say I am just another heartache away from finding my Augustus Waters.
I hope someday , sometime you look at our photos and feel sucky for leaving me, for cheating on me.


38 thoughts on “Someday…

  1. Hey, I admire how beautifully you write πŸ™‚ If this is based on true life. the very fact that you could express these thoughts on a canvas mean that you’re on your way to healing.
    If, on the other hand, this is purely fictional, then damn! You REALLY know how to get in character!
    Either way, great job! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey! Hope you’re doing well. I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 3-Day quote challenge. Please check it out, if you want to do it! Thank you.:)

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      1. Hahaha !! I am looking for someone to tell me about the game. I feel so out of place πŸ˜‚ The game has made people go bonkers πŸ˜‚


      2. lol. it’s actually more of a nostalgia feels than technology. and the fact that i am only getting tons of basic ass pokemons, I’ve already lost the hope to be the best.
        Literally ran for 25+ Kms πŸ˜‚ and routed places I’ve never been to before.
        Not the Next Big Thing but arguably the Biggest Thing Ever!

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      3. I admire the passion and spirit of Ash. I never actually loved any human characters. But i absolutely love the pokemons.
        Especially Bulbasaur, Vulpix & Eevee. probably many more πŸ™ˆ i have literally watched the whole series thrice.

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      4. I’m more into the films & tv shows and even Animated movies but Japanese animations has always been way ahead in perspective of technology and fictitious creations. they never seem to disappoint. and Pokemon really does gives us the ‘major throwback’ of the childhood days. 😊

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      5. Yaaaa. They’re good. I love both movies and books. The last anime I saw was death note I guess. Thanks to my brother. It was cool tho


      6. Even i had to watch it after it being praised by like every person who watches the Anime.
        I have a major critism for every Anime show ever tho. ‘Thou shalt never make an Anime without DRAGONS’ πŸ˜‚ I’m actually having a thought about writing this thing up on my blog. πŸ˜…

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