And then the light turned green



It was chaotic like always. The streets bustling with people and hawkers. The humid climate made it even worse. But for the car drivers it was bearable. The blast from their air conditioners made it easy and the music system blocked out the honking. The light turned red at one of the signals. She never thought she would see his car ever again. The same old silver Honda city. The scratch still there from her first bump. A smile crept across her lips reminding her of the times they were together. The times she stayed at his place. The memories drowned her and she saw him talking on the phone. He clutched his steering wheel and his brows frowned. So typical of him when he was stressed. He looked outside his window, in her direction. For a moment he didn’t recognize. Moved his gaze inside. But it was only a matter of seconds that he recognized the same old blue shirt.
The face he had been trying to forget for long now. His forehead now relaxed as he hung up his phone. She tried smiling but her lips were fixed. He wanted to roll down the window and talk but stared ahead instead. She smiled. Nothing had changed. He still preferred his ego over his heart. She remembered why something that faultless ended. The light turned green. The Honda city was the first to leave like always. She smiled and followed like old times . But this time in a different direction.


13 thoughts on “And then the light turned green

  1. couldn’t post on your ‘about’ page, so here goes..

    “I love writing because its a mask for me. I can express myself and still stay withdrawn behind a veil.”,, it is nice to know many people take refuge in writing the thoughts out, the ones that cant be spoken, for the fear of being misunderstood, or worse, being understood!!!!!

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