We don’t have to be pretty.

Pretty isn’t a compliment. Trust me . For all the times someone called me pretty I was furious. It pierced my heart to see that people appreciated something I didn’t work hard for. Of all my merits and achievements they found my face attractive ? Uh…my face for which my parents worked not me. My body that is inherited not worked for.For all the times someone called me attractive I felt like smacking their faces. Like you don’t like my manners ,my humour my personality or just the fact that I am different. You simply like my body ? The one thing I didn’t work hard for.That’s what hurts the most. We spend ages trying to excel at our passion, straighten out our manners , be nice and humble and when finally we reach to a level. All people see is how good looking I am ? Like they care about the time I spent in front of the mirror not the time I took to become myself. For all we know the other person could be a serial killer and we won’t mind if he’s handsome. For all we know she might be a brilliant poetess but we have issues because she doesn’t fit the societal standards of beauty. Just appreciate my wit,my humour ,my intellect. The things I worked really hard for. The things that spell my existence not how pouty my lips are or how hairy I am ? For everyone out there ,being called smart is a great compliment but being called pretty is a shame.
When you tag me pretty you just negate all my talents ,all my efforts.
When you call me pretty you call me a waste of space. Trust me the fairer sex is so much more than a pretty face , an eye candy , a thing to look at. So every time you call us pretty stop and think , it’s not a compliment it’s a comment.


10 thoughts on “We don’t have to be pretty.

  1. Love this! However I was usually told the opposite by guys I liked. I was told I had a great personality, but because I wasn’t pretty, they didn’t want to go out with me. It did hurt, but it said a lot about their character.

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  2. Baaang On !
    Did we choose our hair color? Our skin color? The height? The lines on our palms? The shape of our nails? No ,we don’t. They happened because of DNA . They were the work of chromosomes . We didn’t have a least bit of say in all this.
    But what we have our say is in our kindness,the humbleness,sensitiveness .
    Too bad our chromosomes don’t help in making us the math geek or a wonderful writer. 😠 Those are the things we work for, Struggle for . Intelligence is truly Beautiful. Wit is the essence of joy and humor, without good sense of humor life as bland as unsalted chips!
    Too bad people don’t think it’s Important.

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