I fell for your silence

Hi lovelies, I started experimenting with slam poetry. Since i cant upload a video, I decided to post the write up here. Do tell me what you think of it?


Its quiet, Its without words

I can hear you breathe, I can hear your mind scream

The silent thoughts, the ones long forgotten,

I can feel them gush to your mouth

But they STOP!

They stop before even arousing your tongue

They stop long before they caress your teeth.

My dear, I can hear your silence scream

I can feel it pierce right through my skin

Without the phonetics, I can still feel your words brush against my ears

Your silence right now, in this moment,

weaves the poetry I long to hear.

You are silent, devoid of words

Your silence overpowers my knowledge of words.

Oh love, why do I hear the cacophony of your quiet mouth?

Do not let me sway you to speak,

Do not let me move you to forget the serene.

Let your silence write  letters to me,

that your hands couldn’t.

Let your silence pull me closer to your heart,

When your eyes couldn’t.

Love, let this absence of periods and commas and words

not disrupt you from singing to my heart.

Your silence, can blow away blocks of concrete,

and towers of cement

oh how, I’m just a slave to your presence.

Its alright, my lover, if the world around us, the nature robbed you of a palatable voice

For you still sing like Adele to me.

Its okay if your mouth stays away, far far away from the vague words i know

For me, you’re still the best poet i know.

The inflections, the punctuation you add to your silence

gets me weak in my knees again and again.

Smile, my silent beloved, I crave for one more  silent dialogue of yours,

For speaking, shouting of words is passé anyway.

Let your silence, your absence of words ,

create a chatter of love in my heart again.

My words,

Oh my words and sentences are completed when they are in conjunction with your silence.

This moment of quiet right here, right now

puts my throbbing heart to rest.

This silence, your silence,

soothes the aching nerves beneath my flesh.

I found my great escape in your silence,

I found my haven in your non wordy conversations.

Stay darling, I wish to scream once more.



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