Dear her,

I think it’s time I address the elephant in the room. I know I wronged you. I completely accept my fault for leaving you without a word. It was irresponsible of me to just hang up on you. I never thought it’ll hurt you so much. From your words and texts, I figured I was just another name in your contact list. I never realized what I meant to you. I failed to get past through your doors. I couldn’t read your mind. But, it’s not entirely my fault. Stop making me the bad guy. Hear me out, please. Two days into us, we realized that we were parallel. Two parallel lines with absolutely no scope for a common ground. We were just two people in love with the idea of each other. It was just a matter of few days before we saw how different we were. How opposite our ideas were. Yes, opposites attract. But we were like oil and water, opposites but not homogeneous. In the end, both of us were just carrying the baggage around. We were a bad idea, a bad combination. Cold ice in winters, a hot chocolate in summer, grains of salt on a wound. We, we surely were in love. In love with each other’s idea.  Amidst trying to make it work, I bumped into her in the college library. We instantly clicked. For the first time, I loved the person, inside and out. She picked up the same books and danced to the same tunes. It was beautiful to see her complete my sentences. I did love you, but we were never on the same page. Well, she spun me around and showed me things I didn’t know existed. We started finishing each other’s thoughts. It felt brilliant to have someone have the same mind as yours. Every time I saw her laugh, I couldn’t breathe. The moment I saw her between the racks amidst the dusty old books, I felt new. She’s spring to the autumn of my heart. She’s sun to my winter mornings. I am sorry if I couldn’t keep my promise. I apologize for leaving you for her. But we just clicked. We fit perfectly, like the silver band in her ring finger. I fell in love with a person this time, not their idea. You’re a great person; I really admire the bits you showed to me. And, I wish nothing but the best for you. Just stop antagonizing me. I fell out of love and fell in love again with someone else. Free me of this guilt, won’t you? Please don’t add sour to our relationship dynamics. Walk down your own path and I promise I won’t stray from mine. But for heaven’s sake, stop blaming me for everything. My head hurts to hear nasty remarks from your friends. The subtle wordy missiles of yours hit me where it hurts. The boulders of your letters and messages hit me straight in the guts. I anyway meant nothing to you in the first place. So, why all of this fuss? We had a great chemistry; don’t make it into the dark ages. We can smile at each other and walk past. But, please don’t make us awkward strangers. I apologize for when I left you. I regret taking a step back when you walked two ahead. But take away the guilt from my shoulders. Let’s split it, for old times sake. Just this time, after the bill is paid, we’ll go back to our own places. I hope you find your click too. I hope you hear what my words are trying to scream out loud.


With nothing but good wishes

The Cheat.



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