From daughter to mother…


” If you’re reading this then most probably I am not breathing anymore” the envelope read. The mother was inconsolable now. She missed her daughter. She longed for her hugs and her talks.
” Ma you raised me to become strong and independent. You raised me to be like the wind, strong enough to change the course of things. I am strong and I promise I tried my best to handle all my failure with grace. But now the situation has broken me, deprived me of my motivation , shattered my faith and shaken my very roots.It will be alright, they say. But ma, when ? When will I go to bed without crying ? When will I get something I really want ? When will the things finally work out for me ? I am sick and tired of being let down. Sick and tired of losing my battles.
I swear I worked really hard, gave it my best short. But look at me, I am still not what I wanted to become. The seasons changed and the cuckoo still sings but my heart still cries quietly.It’s so hard for me to smile when my body has suffered more grief than it can handle. Initially it were some days. Through the toughest of days I kept my head held high. I pulled myself together. Even when the misery occupied my months , I smiled. I was hopeful and still full of life. Ma, then it became my life. All I could ever get was rejection. I tried hard for everything, I gave it all I had. Now look I am stranded with a mark sheetย that won’t me land anywhere. I am so sorry Ma for expecting that my hard work will pay off . I am so sorry to expect that you get what you deserve in life. I am so sorry ma for letting it end like a coward. I promise the next time we meet, I will be stronger and more successful.

The one who always smiled”
The mother quietly sank back into the chair.


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