An idiot

Having him around is like a sweet pain in my neck. I don’t want him to be the one who gives butterflies in my stomach those beautiful kind. No, it’s stupid to give him my strings. I don’t wanna smile and feel good when he hugs me because I know they are as hollow as his vows. Oh no, he never meant those texts, never meant those smiles. They are all simple cruel lies. I see them, breathe them and feel them. But I am just too weak to stand up against his charm. The ย charm that makes me wanna dance around and sing in the shower. This miserable heart gets as hopeless as it can. Loving him is like walking on ice, too slippery yet too soothing. Like a conjurer he works his magic just to get a little deeper into my soul. I am pretty sure he won’t answer my calls and reply to my texts a little too late. Oh! he’s a deceiver and a flawless thiefย . But can I just say, I have fallen in love with an idiot this time ?


10 thoughts on “An idiot

  1. Hey! Hope youโ€™re doing well.
    Iโ€™d like to let you know that Iโ€™ve nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Please check it out, if youโ€™re interested! Thank you.:)

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