Dear you
I know it’s been a while since our thoughts connected. I know it’s been long since we shared our late night conversations. I know you have moved on and probably forgotten all about our spring together. But just a couple questions before your face actually leaves my head. Does the sunshine through your window remind you of my favorite dress ? When you wake up do you still feel hungover from my laugh? All this time did you feel guilty of leaving me stranded on the porch ? Do you remember the night when you played it cool and left me shattered ? No I know it’s history, it’s in the past and I am just reminiscing. Probably we were bad timing. Probably we were a disconnect. Probably we weren’t meant to happen. But how could all of this be true when you felt so real . When your existence justified mine. Your touch healed my wounded soul. When your smile was like the sun in the wintertime.
I wasn’t looking for vows. I just wanted my haven. I know you adored me because I wasn’t a hopeless romantic , someone very pragmatic. But I never knew your absence could stir the chord I wasn’t aware of. I have tried so many things to fill up the gaps , to fill your empty spaces. But I was defeated every time. I lost everytime I tried to move on. Uhh I guess I can never win back my castle. I laugh more now that you aren’t around because it reminds me of you. Reminds me of the times you loved my dimple.
It’s been a while I returned home. It’s been a while I felt safe. It’s been a while I cared. Bring me back my home . Will you ?

Yours lovingly
The one who is lost.


22 thoughts on “HIM

  1. Subarashi desu ❤
    Is this something that has happened to you? If yes I have no idea how to console you. I have never been in love and i'm not planning to either because i know its painful and i already have enough pain in my life. But i guess its a wonderful experience. Healing takes time. But this "time" cannot be determined. It may take forever to mend a broken heart and it will never be the same.I really loved this post

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