Murdered by reality

The winter breeze ruffled his golden hair whilst he stood on the cliff, recalling all his heart had felt and breathing every moment  his brain had survived. The water splashed on the rocks , numbing their sensations . It was too cold ,but his sensory nerves had given in a long ago. He knew this moment was all he had, everything he possessed and everything he will ever dream about . The sun had bid  adieu ,taking away the false hopes, leaving behind a starless night sky . He had given the world all his pieces , all the bits he was made of and all his heart. But they robbed him of his ambitions, his love, his tears, his laughter and even the glitter in his eyes. He was stabbed with expectations, thrashed by reality and strangled by failures. His dreams and desires were too practical because their reality was way too unrealistic. The romantic world was way too improbable for him , even beyond his ability to assimilate their reality . In that very moment every nerve of his existence gave up. His heart did beat but forgot to pump. His brain worked but didn’t function. His lips smiled but never laughed. He heard everything, every bit but his ears refused to listen. His feet walked towards his own picture of reality , embracing the end. His feet now partially on air . For the last time he closed his eyes and smiled with his heart. The air became his blanket for those brief seconds. Until the cold water washed away his pain and healed his bruises. Alas! He slept in peace.


10 thoughts on “Murdered by reality

  1. Yes, the expectations of the society and people near to you can sometimes succumb you,even if you believe in yourself.
    That was a very well expressed story.

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