Big girl

She’s weak and frightened and nervous. Her hands tremble when she writes for they saw everything too soon. She is soon going to become an adult but her mind had already wandered and got lost in the restricted areas of the big world. She had traded her innocence for a smile, smile on the faces of those she loved . She was so strong that it made her weak. Her eyes had studied the cruelest of human emotions, her heart had witnessed every pain way too closely. Yet like a skyscraper she stood tall. She smiled always. Never let a tear trickle down her chin and fall onto her hand as she never wanted to hold the pain that dribbled from her eyes. She was just an ordinary girl with ordinary troubles . She tried her best to overlook them and fight her own demons alone without shedding a tear drop. But her pillow was wet every morning. She used to call it a drool pool but she never slept peacefully. Those who knew her couldn’t imagine the person she had become , the cloak she would have never picked. Yet she always cared for those who never understood her. She started Β hating herself more and more as the hours passed. The people who had her strings never really cared and the world well it was busy shaming her for not being pretty when she was so beautiful. It’s ok she told herself. She knew a few words to tell herself when she broke down . After all she was 18, a big girl. Wasn’t she ?


14 thoughts on “Big girl

  1. Some interesting observations made- would like to see you correct some errors in tense. You switch from past to present throughout- and some punctuation to force your reader to stop and pause when needed. Ex- the people who had her strings never really cared, and the world – well, it was busy shaming her… – love this image of the girl being a mere puppet.

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      1. Oh good- I didn’t want to come off badly by making suggestions. I’m new to this so not sure of proper etiquette. But I’m also an English teacher… So it’s a battle. Lol. It’s a lovely piece … Would be cool if you elaborate or do a new post on that idea of the strings on that girl…

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