The sun illuminated the contours of his strong jaw line. His eyes were shining brighter than the sun whilst he looked at what he knew was his forever. The dark brown hair fell so carelessly on her shoulder. The innocent black eyes and the imperfect nose but still it was his picture of beauty. The wind blew caressing her hair. The moment was for them to believe in each other, believe in what she dreamt of three months ago, believe in what he never thought of . She was never like the others, never the one to steal the spotlight,never the pretty one. She was way too ordinary to ever become extraordinary. He was someone who never cared about the seasons just let the wind take its course. He had never experienced something so passionate and so strong that took him by a blow. For him his heart was too strong to ever kneel down. For her the mind was too weak to contain her feelings . They had given in to what they denied. The two misfits stood under the autumn sun , staring at each other’s dream, forgetting the wind that surrounded them. It wasn’t their skin touching that ignited the fire mere the intensity of their love for each other. He doesn’t believe in love , she doesn’t bother to believe in love.


16 thoughts on “THE MOMENT

  1. Well Done Rashim
    Told ya, hadn’t I ?
    And I remember having a VVIP preview of this one 😛
    Looking forward to the next one
    • D ( You remember the Cyclops don’t you ? XD )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good first attempt. Love the thought and emotions.

    Next time do create paragraphs for easy reading. just a few words towards the end of your blog.

    ” yet they are together, apart but belonging. Sensing a completeness in the incompleteness of other. Hesitant but willing, waiting patiently for …..”

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